z trunk

Nothing sounds better than a perfectly balanced car audio system. Most factory systems can keep up with the mid to high frequencies and sound "good enough" playing today’s music. But what about the lower notes...where’s the bass? These are the notes that reach down into your soul and make want to bust a move to the music while in your car.

Phoenix Gold has released two new Z-series all-in-one enclosures with built-in amplifiers that make adding bass to your factory system a breeze. These enclosures come in two specially designed options, perfectly recreating those lost bass notes. The Z110AB-V2 is a purpose built all-in-one amplified 10” vented subwoofer system. This setup is ideal for fast, tight, and articulate bass response of a double pedal kick drum in rock music. Yet, it still can keep the timbre of a 4-string standing bass in classic jazz. For those a bit more determined to shake it, the Z112AB-V2 is a boastful 12” vented subwoofer system that is capable of reproducing those low bass tones for the pop and hip hop crowds.

Both of these setups are built to perform at maximum capacity. With a vented engineered enclosure and perfectly matched amplifier, this design allows you to hear the music as the recording artist wanted it to be heard. With the amplifier being built onto the enclosure, we are also saving space and installation time. These Z-series systems can receive high level signal from your OEM radio or low level signal from an aftermarket radio. For quick and easy bass adjustments from the driver’s seat, we include a remote mount bass knob.

Once installed, you will be able to enjoy every note of your music with an all new perspective. Your passengers will thank you...your neighbors might not.

Think girls don't love bass? Guess again! "I love my 10" Z box! The bass rounds out the music and makes it sound fuller, more intense," says Dee, pictured to the right with her Z110AB-V2 trunk build. "I went with this loaded box because I knew it'd produce the sound I wanted without taking up a ton of space in my small trunk." You can find Dee riding around the Tampa Bay area jamming out to rock and electronic dance music. If you see her, feel free to join her dance party!