Power your subs with precision with RX2. The latest in monoblock amplifiers from Phoenix Gold drives clean power with efficiency to your subwoofer.

PG knows that when your jam comes on, sometimes it calls for taking your bass up to the next level; and with RX2’s included bass knob you can. Installed near the driver, simply turn it up and enjoy.

Available in 1000, 500 and 250 watts, the circuit design of the 3 newly launched RX2 monoblock amplifiers increases power output while decreasing overall size. These amplifiers feature robust power supplies, oversized direct input power and speaker terminals, high-level inputs for OEM integration, heavy-duty heatsinks, and a remote bass controller. Built with the reliability that Phoenix Gold is known for, they're bound to anchor the style of any car audio installation while providing superb value.

Phoenix Gold will also be releasing full system amplifiers soon that provide a level of clarity that impresses all who hear it, delivering high-end performance at a price that's well within reach of car audio lovers, and will make your friends jealous.