PG's SX2 Series of amplifiers are setting the standard for performance with the best in class, power, and style. This line of SX2 monoblock, 4-channel and 6-channel amplifiers are equipped with new revolutionary technology called BASS SHIFT® (which allows phase to shift with the remote bass knob up front).

All are now equipped with our proprietary Tri-Light monitoring system. The SX2 amplifiers are the perfect balance of power and efficiency.

Just like their big brothers, the SX2 monoblocks are full range capable, meaning they can be used just like the multi-channel amps and can drive full range speakers. Doing a big boat with tower speakers and need a lot of power, just run a SX2 600.1 or SX2 1200.1 on those crazy towers and see who’s loudest then!

How about a competition system and you want crazy channel separation, run a SX2 1200.1 on left and another on right front stage. For Pro Audio setups; got a door full of full range drivers? Sounds like another great application opportunity for a pair of SX2 monoblocks.

Equipped with Bass Shift Technology

Precision Signal Control Center 24dB Linkwitz-Riley crossovers for precise frequency control. Matched input level for accurate adjustments. Fully variable BASS SHIFT (Phase) for compensation of vehicle acoustics and subwoofer placement. 24dB adjustable subsonic filter to optimize speaker and enclosure efficiency. (SX2 400.4 uses Butterworth)