Bass Cube 2.0 by Phoenix Gold is designed for those who know that acoustic enrichment is found below the 80Hz mark. The Bass Cube 2.0 is a single-band parametric, bass-level controller that will enable you to select frequencies between 20 and 110Hz, and apply an additional gain on that band. The CUBE in Bass Cube stands for Continuously Usable Bass Enhancement.

One of the features that set it apart from other bass enhancers in the industry, is its accessible Variable Center Frequency (Phase) Control knob, allowing you to dial in and find that low-frequency goodness for maximum acoustic enjoyment. The Bass Cube 2.0 takes it a step further by dialing into that sweet spot with the Parametric Bass Equalization.

If you're a big baller with an ultra high end unit, then you'll be glad to know that the Bass Cube 2.0 has the option to accommodate Balanced inputs. For the mere mortals, a flick of a switch allows for typical unbalanced RCA inputs. With the Bass Cube 2.0, we want to make sure we don’t add any noise to the system so the Ground isolation switch adjusts for any variables you could encounter.

The Bass Cube 2.0 is a performance beast that will provide you with a clean and strong bass output and optimize your system for the best possible bass performance.