May Install of the Month Winner Jon Wimbleton gives us the details of his fierce Civic build. 

Vehicle: 2007 Honda Civic - 1.6 Petrol 5-Door

Build by: MADE South Coast Customs

Why Phoenix Gold? "This build was a pleasure and it was an easy choice going with Phoenix Gold. You can sell it with confidence and know that whatever you sell - A) it won't break and come back and B) the customer will be back for more products. In Phoenix Gold, I have extreme confidence that no matter what the range it would be an incredible build - regardless of budget, no matter the product line, we are able to produce a system that could exceed the quality of higher priced competitors.

Most importantly, it's a show-ready brand meaning more and more people want to have anything Phoenix Gold."

Inspiration: "We decide on what type of build we're going to create based on the specific car/model - street racer, executive, everyday use family car, etc. we design a build that truly works with the car perfectly.  With this Honda, we wanted the audio install to surprise people - we hid everything in the car so when a show goer gets in the car they have no idea there are 3 10" Ti310d2 subwoofers in the boot (trunk) and a full Ti speaker setup in the car. 

We used stainless steel, black flock and grey Alcantara - this is to give it a classic look when white light is shown. We used RGB led lights we can create any color, however the white & orange is by far the favorite and with a little Vape smoke blown into the install."

We caught up with Jon and his team last summer at our UK office. Watch his interview here!





10" Ti310d2 subwoofers in a sealed enclosure

Ti65cs Components

Ti65ps Coaxials

SX800.4 Amplifier

SX12001 Amplfifier

Stinger SK6201 Amplifier Wiring Kit

Stinger 8000 Series Interconnects 

Stinger Roadkill RKX36B 

Stinger SHD821 Fuse Holder

Stinger Mini ANL Fuses