Let's check out Georgina Elliott-Nelson's sweet build

Vehicle: 2016 Ford Mustang GT Fastback 

Installed by: Gold Coast Car Audio Southport, Queensland Australia

Inspiration:  “I go to lots of car shows and the boot area was pretty boring with nothing to show also the standard stereo is pretty basic so I wanted something that would not just sound unreal but also have a “wow” appeal to stand out from the crowd , I wanted the same hydrodipping as I have it throughout my car also in the engine bay so I wanted to keep it flowing throughout and it makes a statement compared to carpet.”

What I Listen To: “I like mostly modern day music like R&B, rock, hip hop, dance, also 80’s & 90’s anything with a good bass.”

Why I Chose Phoenix Gold:  “I know a couple of people who own this brand and it sounds unreal and they win sound off competitions with the system plus the quality is far better than other brands and it looks great.”


2 x Phoenix Gold Ti3 10” subs 

1 x Phoenix Gold SX2 800.4 4 channel amplifier 

1 x Phoenix Gold SX2 1200.1 monoblock amplifier 

1 x Phoenix Gold Ti3 6.5 inch front speakers 

1 x Phoenix Gold Ti2 6.5 inch rear speakers