It's wayback Wednesday and that means it's time to check out another vintage build! This week its from Mads Jensen from Denmark.  


2007 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI station wagon

Installed by:

Mads Jensen


Twenty year old issues of Car Audio and Electronics and Car Stereo Review

The Facebook groups Phoenix Gold Classifieds and The Car Audio Preserve

Old catalogs from the Danish retailer Hi-Fi Klubben

What music do you play the most?:

"I listen to country and doom metal and everything in between. The system is capable of reproducing all of it with great detail and control, though the system’s weak spots are the subs which are really in way too small enclosures - I'm a dad first, so room for a stroller in the back trumps the desire for a couple of big old school subs back there."

Why did you choose Phoenix Gold?:

"In Denmark in the nineties, Phoenix Gold was the only high-end amp brand available, so I fell in love. Even as other brands became available and I experienced more installs with other great amps, I just thought the old Phoenix Gold amps were cooler – still do. I own M, MS and ZPA amps as well as a bunch of processors and plan to use them all in installs at some point."

Further about the install:

"In the nineties, I could not afford these products. Now I have been able to find them secondhand and I wanted to do a build primarily consisting of old school components - only the head unit, the subs and the wiring is not old school. I went for wires that all had some red in them and complemented that with red LEDs in the amp rack and inside the EQ and crossover. The ZPX2 crossover was pretty worn when I got it, so I sanded it down and painted it white rather than the original black in order to match the rest of the Phoenix Gold products."

"I could have gone with Phoenix Gold speakers, subs and wiring, but it would have taken me forever to collect all the stuff I needed, and my main priority has been to get to enjoying the system and I did get it ready before fall came around."