PGDavidWerner.jpgAs a car audio enthusiast, David Werner of California can be found spending his free time working on installs, posting on audio forums, and being involved in online groups. We’ve gotten to know David as an advocate for Phoenix Gold; a collector, an enthusiast, and a supporter. He was an obvious choice for our 1st guest blogger—enjoy the story of his journey with car audio.

“My first experience with car audio goes back to my high school years. I can remember going to my favorite shop where they had a Phoenix Gold Frank Amp'n Stein and a Reactor on display. The shop carried other brands, but none of them caused the same emotion as Phoenix Gold’s beautiful 24-karat gold plated boards or their nuclear themed massive amplifier.

Within a year I became friends with someone that had a partial sponsorship in his 1996 Impala SS featuring a white ZX450 and ZX500. Often we would accompany other Phoenix Gold competitors at shows, one that stands out in my memory was a Chevy Blazer with several ZPA0.5s and 6 XMAX 12" subwoofers. As the years went on my passion for car audio only grew, leading me to be employed in car audio sales, installation, and eventually managing a store.            

PGDavidWerner2.jpgAfter college, I started my career and took a break from car audio. Several years passed, and my fire for car audio started burning again. My old love was back, but I discovered that everything changed. 'Made in USA' was replaced with 'Made in China', Class A/B was replaced with Class D technology, "bigger is better" was replaced with "small and efficient". It took a little while for eyes to adjust to the new light, but once they did I realized that while almost everything changed one hint remained the same; Phoenix Gold was still all about high quality.

I am what one might call a collector or an 'old school' fan, but when it comes to my installations I like to combine old school with new school. For subwoofer duty I prefer the efficiency of Class D but with the attention to detail and sound quality oriented design of the Phoenix Gold Ti2 Series. For components, I went with the old school ZPA series model 0.3 because of the details that are more apparent with class A/B technology, the clarity due to the high end components, and the ability to eliminate the built in crossover. (As a side, I could have gone with an Elite.4 to accomplish the same thing, with class A/B technology and quality components.)

All in all, I love that my Phoenix Gold install shows that quality has been consistent throughout the years.”