dsp4.pngWhat exactly is a DSP, and why do you need a DSP in your system? DSP is an acronym for Digital Signal Processor. It is a device that is typically used in two very distinct ways in car audio systems:

A) Integration into a factory stereo system.

B) Audiophile level precision tuning of high performance aftermarket car stereo products.

Let’s look into both of these topics. The current DSP craze was started in the early 2000s because of the need to integrate high performance car audio products into the newer vehicles with very complicated factory stereo systems, that boasted name brand high powered multi-channel amplifiers, that electronically divided signals up into specific audio channels per speaker, and that were preset with non-adjustable equalizer settings that changed as the you turned the volume up and down or as you drove faster to compensate for road noise… Do any of these features sound familiar in your car?  Then there are the audio geeks like me, who love the art of using a DSP to custom tailor an audio system in a vehicle to fit my personal needs to a T, by eliminating the problematic acoustical issues from a vehicle's interior and the not so ideal seating position for optimal stereo imaging. The really fascinating part is that most DSPs allow multiple presets to be stored and retrieved at the push of a button. This means you can have custom settings for any genre of music, your convertible top up or down, and when the family in the car or when you’re alone and wanting rocking out and really show off your system.

This is exactly why we poured every drop of our undying love for audio into designing the highly innovative DSP8.8 digital signal processor. Above and beyond the 5 selectable input sources, 240 band 1/3 octave equalizer, and the auto time delay calculator that compensates for the sound of your vehicle’s various speakers arriving to your ears at different times this particular DSP unit has an very uncanny arsenal of features that sets it apart from all other DSPs in the industry such as, built in Wi-Fi connectivity for hi-res audio streaming along with wireless connectivity to smart devices with all of the most popular operating systems iOS, Mac, Android and Windows PC. No matter if you are a seasoned professional or simply looking for a life changing audiophile experience tailored to your musical preferences, with the DSP8.8 from Phoenix Gold the possibilities are endless.

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