Choosing the Right Amp for Your Car Speaker System

When you blast the volume in any standard vehicle, your ears tend to cringe to that distorted or flat sound. The main problem? The system power, or amp system, that’s built into the car.

All cars come equipped with a basic internal amp system built into the radio or a small amplifier. But if you’re looking to add an external amp or upgrade yours to crank the volume on your sound system, and make is sound better there are three questions you’ll have to think about:

How Many Channels Do I Need?

The first question you need to answer: How many speakers do you have? A good rule of thumb to follow is one channel for every speaker you want to amplify.

If you’re looking to do more than just amplify your speakers, like adding in a subwoofer or coaxial speakers, you might want to get an amp with more channels.

For example, you can invest in a 2-channel speaker to run two coaxial speakers, two subwoofers or bridge it to power a single subwoofer.

Or, if you’re looking to just add a subwoofer to give more power to your rear full-range speakers, a mono block amplifier might be the best option. With a monoblock amplifier, you can take signal from the rear speakers and create a mono signal to run the subwoofer that will allow you to lower the bass on the full-range speakers so they can run more efficiently.

How Much Power Do I Need?  

Don’t cut corners with your power. If you want to get the highest quality sound when you turn up your volume, you’ll want to make the investment. So, if you’re getting new speakers, buy them first and then buy an amp that’s equipped with enough power for them or buy them together. A good rule of thumb is more power is better. This way you only have one limiting factor (the speakers).

On the other hand, if you’re sticking with your factory speakers, find out the RMS value and make sure your amp can power 75 to 150 percent of that.

Where Will It Fit in My Car?

Most cars don’t come with an external amp system, so you’ll have to find a storage spot within your car. If your car allows, you can place your amp under a seat, in the trunk or against the passenger-side firewall. To save yourself time and frustration, take measurements before you purchase your amp to make sure it will fit.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from your factory audio setup to something more powerful or have questions about the latest and greatest car audio products and accessories, our experts at Phoenix Gold are ready to help you get set up the right way.

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