Learning the Mistakes Will Help You Get to Know Your System

Old age, incompatible components and incorrect installation can all lead to car audio problems. To make sure you never run into these problems with your audio system, here are six common car audio mistakes and how to avoid them:

Forgetting to Disconnect the Battery

If you forget to disconnect the battery before you go poking around in your electrical system, you could end up with an electrical short. Before you tackle any project on your car audio that means messing with the power and ground wires, make sure your entire sound system is powered off and disconnect the negative battery terminal. And speaking of ground, this is as important as the power connection. We see more issues with improper grounding than any other issues combined. Use a Stinger Expert Ground terminal to make sure you are properly grounded.

Installing Incompatible Equipment

You can end up hurting your car’s electrical system and even damage new equipment when you mismatch audio components such as the amplifier and subwoofer. An incompatible subs and amps combination can also lead to poor sound quality, which typically happens when the amp either overpowers or underpowers the subwoofer.

The Wrong Tools

Do you know how to use a soldering iron, heat gun or a DMM to electrical circuits? The right tools mean proper installation. The wrong tools, on the other hand, could lead to broken door panels and snapped dash panels. From crimper pliers to wire strippers to flush cutters to pry tools – if you don’t have any of these, you’ll want to invest in quality tools to avoid making costly mistakes in installing the components of your car’s audio system.

Not Upgrading

If you’re installing multiple amps, check the health of your current battery. Remember, your vehicle’s stock electrical system may not have been designed for the high-power demands of high-grade aftermarket audio systems. You may need to install larger batteries, alternator or upgrade to wiring that allows adequate current flow.

Limited Airflow Where the Amp Is Mounted

Because an amp can generate a lot of heat, particularly when it’s overworked with extended periods of playing high-volume music, you want to ensure it’s kept cool. An overheated amplifier could lead to sound suddenly cutting off. It can be avoided by making sure there’s adequate airflow where the amp is mounted.

Attempting DIY Installation When You Lack the Skills 

Having the right tools is one thing but having the ability to use them correctly is another. Besides an understanding of car audio technology and terminology, do you have the right skills?

One of the best ways to avoid messing up your car audio system is by seeking the help of someone who is experienced in installation. The good news is that there are plenty of how-to and car audio for dummies videos on YouTube. But for the best car audio setup, hiring a professional and observing them so you can learn as they go is probably your best option.

Having it professionally installed can also extend your warranty from 1 year to 3 years with a Phoenix Gold authorized dealer and utilizing Stinger wiring.

For more advice on understanding car audio tech or choosing the right audio accessories for your car, turn to Phoenix Gold. We’ve been breaking sound barriers with our award-winning line of amps, speakers, subwoofers and processors since 1985.