Component Car Speakers

Types of Speaker Systems 

Before diving into different types of speakers, you should familiarize yourself with the two major types of car speaker systems setup in most cars: full range and component. Here’s a brief breakdown of each:

  • Component – This type of speaker system comes with multiple drivers that are each designed to operate within its own ideal range of frequencies. Speakers installed in this way provide fuller sound and better clarity as they are placed in different areas around your car. 
  • Full Range (coaxial) – This is the most common speaker system, especially in factory audio systems, full range systems are typically a single driver, or 2 drivers that mounted together and emanate sound from 1 center point. Typical audio clarity, quality is less than that of high-quality component speakers.

Choosing the one that’s right for your vehicle ultimately comes down to budget, vehicle make and model, and identifying the intended use of the audio system.

Types of Car Speakers 

Familiarizing yourself with the core types of speakers will help you to make better decisions when it comes time to upgrade your current audio system. The main types include:

  • Subwoofer – The subwoofer provides the lowest, deepest sound ranges. Usually requiring an enclosure and a power amplifier, subwoofers are usually the first upgrade to an audio system. They typically range in size from 8” to 15” in size.
  • Midbass – These utilize mid-to-low tones, like bass drums, and lower octave vocals, to deliver deep sounds. They’re highly versatile and serve different functions between component and full-range systems. 6.5” to 8” in size.
  • Midrange – Much like it sounds, the midrange speakers cover all the frequencies in the middle of the audio spectrum that the midbass and tweeters can’t reproduce with such accuracy and detail. These drivers are typically 3.5” to 6.5” in size. 
  • Tweeter – These are responsible for very highest frequencies like cymbals and high hats. They provide the detail and clarity to voices and instruments. Tweeters are typically the smallest speakers in a system, and usually placed higher in the car than woofers in component systems. In a full range or coaxial system, the tweeter is suspended and mounted in the middle of the woofer. These drvers are typically .5” to 1.5” in size. 

There are also other considerations that come with installing new speakers in an existing space. Some need special speaker enclosures and panels in order to deliver the best sound quality possible, so keep that in mind when choosing a speaker system.

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