Whether it’s your first voyage into the world of car audio or you’re a certified audiophile looking to update your system, your options are seemingly endless these days. Choosing the right subwoofer, pairing it with the perfect amp and finding an enclosure to house it all is no doubt doable, but a lengthy and decision-filled process.

What if there was an easier yet just as powerful way to add that much needed bass to your ride?    

When you go with an active or loaded enclosure, you’re getting a bass-boosting subwoofer, built-in amplifier and custom enclosure in one. And, if that doesn’t sound good enough, here are three more reasons to consider loaded enclosures.

Easy Installation

If you want beat-thumping performance right out of the box, pre-loaded enclosures are the way to go. One box, one installation—it really doesn’t get any easier than that! Ideal for both first-time DIYers and those looking for a fast and easy installation, loaded enclosures deliver the power you’re looking for with minimal fussing.

Space Saving Design

The all-in-one nature of powered subwoofer enclosures also makes them ideal for tight spaces. Compact enough to fit in most vehicles, pre-loaded enclosures are a great choice whether you’re adding on to your factory system or looking for space-saving solution that still puts out head-turning performance.

Powerful Performance

“But, how does it sound?” This is the question on the minds of audiophiles looking for the latest and greatest. And, we’ve got good news.

Loaded enclosures are hands down the easiest way to transform your car’s sound system. You get the performance you want without the need for costly custom builds or complex installations. Pre-loaded enclosures are optimized for the subwoofers they house resulting in the best sound. It’s a win-win.

Ready to find your perfect pre-loaded match? Check out our line of active enclosures below, find a store near you or get in touch with our team to find the perfect system for your vehicle.