TI3 1600.6


TI3 1600.6



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Ti3 Series

Our Ti3-Series of amplifiers are the Reference class from Phoenix Gold. Utilizing ingenious features like POWER SHIFT, BASS SHIFT, True Full Range Class D and flexibility; the Ti3 is the beginning of a legend in mobile audio reproduction. Stunning chassis design with integrated control panels, illuminated Tri-light status display and end panel connections all add to the breathtaking design and attention to detail Phoenix Gold has applied to this series of amplifiers.


Phoenix Gold’s exclusive feature to allow you to direct power where it is needed. Active system design has never been easier. Why waste output power when it can be redirected to the channels that can better utilize it. 
Insane amplifier efficiencies and output are achieved with POWER SHIFT. With POWER SHIFT deactivated, the amplifier will produce equal power to all channels (with similar gain settings). To activate POWER SHIFT first power down the amplifier; then switch the front panel selector to ON. Power up the amplifier and the front panel indicator will verify POWER SHIFT is active. Output power from the front channels (1+2) is redirected to the middle channels (3+4).

For an active 3-way front stage, this is the perfect setup, the amplifier shifts from 125w x4 + 250w x2 @4Ω to a more usable 75w x 2 front ch (1+2) 175w x 2 middle ch (3+4) and 250 x 2 rear channels (5+6), into 2Ω the amp produces 125w x 2 front ch (1+2) 250w x 2 middle ch (3+4) and 350 x 2 rear channels (5+6). Since the gain controls will be set to similar levels as the amplifier is producing different output power instead of severely turning down the front gains to compensate, the power levels are extremely linear through the full output range. Audiophiles rejoice!

Another option is a powerful 2-way front stage and bridge the rear channels (5+6) to a subwoofer. In this configuration, the front channels would get a respectable 75w x2 (1+2) and 175w x2 (3+4) @ 4Ω plus a whopping 700w @ 4Ω mono for a subwoofer; Yes please.


  • Full range capable Class-D Topology
  • POWER SHIFT® ability for partial power from front channels to be redirected to rear channels for active setups or system flexibility.
  • Double tier power supplies
  • Remote bass and phase controller with BASS SHIFT® (RBPC)
  • Switchable balanced or unbalanced inputs
  • Auto-turn on circuit (defeat able)
  • Tri-light LED amplifier status indicators
  • Short circuit, thermal and voltage protection
  • Front mount connections
  • RMD ready – Remote monitoring display port (RMD sold separately)

Ti3 PG Amp Manual 3-14-19
 Download (2.91M)